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Glue partner Company Profile

Glue partner is highly specialised in fastening solutions. Since 1989, active in the supply of adhesive products, equipment and service.

Vision, Mission

Mission: primary function trading partner in adhesives and associated peripherals. Industrial adhesives in the broadest sense of the word. Water based to PU-glue and sealants. Plus the corresponding processing equipment. Function, the customer is a full service continuity and grade to use material and equipment. This must be knowledge and continuous quality.
Vision: By knowledge about glue, connection techniques and applications to use an improvement, continuity and security in the production. This creates a more efficient and effective target what can be achieved. In relation with the customer, there should be an added value to emerge that is distinctive. Ambition is to grow further apart, to a full-fledged market player in connection technology.

Market groups

Customer base is mainly aimed at SMEs, end users in Assembly, sheltered workshops, production companies in the food and construction of wood and steel (furniture etc.). What adhesives process as a binding agent for various types of material together. It is mainly about the customer to feel that there is a solution by collaborating with added value. Daily Solutions with added value. Glue apply products should contribute to the innovative nature of the product cycle. At competitive grounds. So the customer knows is sent by the quality and the innovative of his/her own product.


If partnership there is a fixed point. Your organization can count on commercial support, consultancy and implementation of glue, equipment, and other techniques or applications. It is important to ensure proper handling within limits of time, resources and finances. Also in terms of service state Glue partner ready for you. Where desired, we work together with our partners, you only have a single point of contact for all your issues.

Philosophy of Glue partner

Glue a partner gives sound advice on your connection applications.
Glue partner gives tailormade solutions where necessary.
Glue partner provides expert guidance.
Glue partner is flexible.
Glue partner is service-oriented.
Glue partner is customizable.
Glue partner is reliable in supplying your orders.
Glue partner works where necessary in conjunction with the right partners.