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  • Industrial adhesives

    For numerous amount of everyday products that we all use industrial adhesives are processed. We distribute the following product groups. The art is to use a glue that generates the optimal performance for both the machine as well as the final product.
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  • Cyanoacrylate

    Description of a Cyanoacrylate Cyanoacrylate is the active ingredient of Superglue. It is a common collective name for substances such as methyl 2-Cyanoacrylate, ethyl-2-Cyanoacrylate and 2-octyl-Cyanoacrylate. In its liquid form, Cyanoacrylate consists of monomers of Cyanoacrylate molecules.
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  • Cleanser

    Biodegradable industrial cleaner, specially developed for external cleaning of glue equipment and removing labels etc.
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  • Sealants

    SMP-glue (Silylation Modified Polymers, also called MS-polymer is a glue of modified silaan (SiH4) molecules. The glue connection is established by water (moisture in the air) which reacts (cross-linked) with the silane connections.
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  • Tapes

    Industrial technical tapes provide many solutions for many industrial applications. With a wide range of products and applications we can help you find the cost of ownership.
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  • Staplingequipment

    Stapling is a mechanical connection for closing and creation of cardboard packaging. There is generally a quick processing time, a secure and robust box. Better stackable. By stapling to apply, it is impossible goods unseen to get out of the box (theft).
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  • Gluedots

    Glue Dots are the invisible solution for a multitude of packaging, print and production challenges. Glue Dots are pressure sensitive glue patterns on release liner that an instant bond. Fast and easy to use, Glue Dots leave no clutter, no residue and no smell.
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  • Hot meltequipment

    Both handheld as pneumatic guns for the processing of Ø 43 mm slugs. All employable as a professional tool for bonding.
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