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Industrial adhesives

For numerous amount of everyday products that we all use industrial adhesives are processed. We distribute the following product groups.

Hot Melts

Hot Melts Also here are adhesives available employable on various applications. The art is to use a glue that generates the optimal performance for both the machine as well as the final product. There are a few options:
• Based on EVA/Poleolefines, polyamide and POLYURETHANE.
• Applied for e.g. AGF-trays, consumer packaging and display assembly.
• Processable in several polishing applications. In it we can recommend you most warmly, with equipment coming from sound producers.
• Available as stick ø 12 mm., ø 43 mm. slugs, granular and blocs of the self-adhesive glue types.
• cold glue (idem as hot melt)

Paper and paperboard gluing are there corresponding adhesives developed. Gluing is applicable for making cores and edge protectors. The lamination of offset paper on wave and microwave for making displays! Other applications include the production of paper bags (industrial and Consumer bags).

Cold glue

The products have an optimal performance on the used machines at the customer. In general, the bonding in general have the following properties:

• Good adhesion
• Splashing free
• Quick-drying and setting

The adhesives for the paper and board industry are available in the following types of packaging:
- buckets 30 kg.
- jerrycan 20 kg.
- Container IBC 500-1000 kg.
- bulk

Many factors have/affect the connection process. "The rate" or success depends on the performance of the glue, looked at the amount of yield, ease of maintenance, labour costs, loss of product, environmental aspects and logistical possibilities! By "fine tuning" and integrating all of these factors is the road to success is guaranteed. Gluepartner likes to be your partner.

Tapes Tapes Tapes

Adhesives for sandwich panel industry

Sandwich paneelindustrie By ever new deck and insulation materials to apply in the market of the sandwich panels, ask this to be a professional and flexible approach. Continuous knowledge up-to-date. The base for this comes from many product developments. There is an extensive assortment of one-and two-component PU glue each with a specific performance. Glue suitable for different deck materials. Whether or not coated or varnished, primered, alu/steel/wood/Fireboard/plasterboard/PVC etc. to attach to insulationmaterials as PUR/PIR/PS/PE and PVC foam. Also materials such as stone and glass wool and honeycomb we close. If supplementary products, it is also possible elastic sealants in the edge profiles of held together and plasticparts etc..

Glue partner delivers not just the glue, but also offers expert advice, if necessary, for your production. Counting in glue type, application method and machine. Our product specialist gladly advices you. Delivery of the glue is possible in 25 kg. cans, 200 litres drums and 1000 kg. IBC containers. For the adhesive sealants there is a possibility to deliver cartridges 290 ml. and 600 ml sausages.

Environmental awareness:
Sandwich paneelindustrie To prevent unnecessary packaging disposal we deliver in drums with inliners and return in exchange containers! There is also taken into account the presence of solvents, this results in a healthy workplace and saving the environment. Our challenge lies in finding an effective together glue solution. It is intended to reduce your costs and transform into income.

Adhesives for roofing

By gluing on flat roofs, it may be more efficient and cheaper to work on the roof. Extra is the optimum insulated roof and a stronger construction! To achieve this is to process a one component PU glue the outcome. Applicable for almost all at the moment applied/processed insulation materials.

There are a variety of surfaces:
Subsurface Insulation Material
Sendzimir galvanized steel plate EPS / PU
Bitumineus roofcover materials (renovating roofs) Mineral Wool
Concrete Perliteplate
Wood With various cover options

Daksegment The glue is elastic in nature, captures the shrinkage and expansion so that the connection between the materials continues to exist. Up to 5 mm. unevenness can be accommodated with a one component PU adhesive. In the past test (wind test) according to, UEA to M.O.A.T. 50, 1992 at the BDA – Gorinchem. Proof that here, too, is a good justification. There are also various possibilities for the bonding of gecaheerde dakfoils. For making gaskets and bonding of rubbers, fassade can work with sealants. Roofingadhesives are easily processable for each roofing contractor. Like Gluepartner helps in finding the right glue solution which effectively is the best on your roof