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Why Glue partner as your partner in adhesives and adhesive applications

Gluepartner no longer let loose. We work hard to bring our customers customizable with service and a reliable and quick delivery to provide product. Many loyal customers have been working for years with our glue products. We provide for the further distribution and development of glue products especially together with our partners. Our company focuses mainly on the professional end user. Specialism in requirements and the applications are necessary in a rapidly changing market. Alert to respond to this change provides you with the necessary final solution. Thinking and anticipation in our opinion in the direction of your applications and application provides you with a more efficient way of working. Our range is a extended and considered fasteningspakket you can contact us for large diversity of products in this way, we offer you a complete service.

Our range is as follows:
  • contact adhesives
  • cyanoacrylate
  • hot melts
  • wood adhesives
  • sealants
  • cleaners
  • packaging and technical tapes
  • staple and stapling equipment
  • glue dots
  • hot meltequipment
  • service and maintenance on the equipment delivered by us
  • compressors
  • packaging material (hand-and machine wrapping foil)